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Back-end developer

Welcome to fullbl's work page. I'm an italian freelance back-end developer. 😎

I prefer to work with PHP and Symfony framework, while I often find myself to use Laravel. I have a lot of customers using WordPress, Prestashop or Magento, but I can't say I enjoy developing with them. In my favorite ecosystem there are: git, docker, composer, phpstorm, phpstan, phpunit and some ci actions.

I can do front-end work: I'm enthusiast about vue.js and alpine.js, but I have zero spatial immagination, as you can see.

I know tools. I liked the Grafana suite for monitoring. I had fun creating performance testing with k6, I always have some mails from Sentry reminding me to fix that bug I wrote in 2002!

I'm also able to run a webserver, which is where I run this page, even if I prefer working with containers. I enjoy creating them for developing and testing, I also worked with kubernetes and rancher, but I wasn't in the the devOps team.

I truly prefer to work with data, handling logic and making servers communicate between them through rest and json, instead of preparing a human enjoyable template.

What I can do

Operative stack

This is what I daily use in my job:

This is what my servers usually run:


I run several virtual private servers, both for personal or work projects. I try to manually moderate the needed hardware on the customer, in order to make it less expensive.

I personally take care of their manutention: renewing and paying the domain name and the ssl certificates, updating software versions, applying security patches, checking error logs, creating e-mail addresses (I don't personally run an SMTP server), backing up databases and images.

I can work with cloud environments (amazon, google, hosted kubernetes or self-terraformed projects), but I find more easy and cheaper to mantain my old nerd setup.


When developing or engineering, my desired hourly fare is 50€, my desired daily fare is 350€. It can float up due tue urgencies and lower for long partnerships, open source or generally kind/alternative/experimental/environmental projects.

When hosting on my servers, the price floats between 200€ and 1000€ per year, based on the power and traffic needed.


I like working in teams. In my career I worked with tons of people, I would like to mention some:

Open Source contributions

I like Open Source. It gave me a lot of knowledge, so I tried to give some help back: