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Back-End Developer

Welcome to fullbl's work page. I'm an experienced Italian freelance back-end developer specialized in PHP, Symfony framework, and Laravel.

I offer custom web development and hosting services, leveraging technologies like Git, Docker, Composer, and CI actions to deliver high-quality solutions.

With a focus on data handling, RESTful APIs, and JSON communication, I prioritize building efficient and scalable back-end systems.

If you have a project in mind or need assistance with your web development needs, feel free to reach out to me. I'm passionate about collaborating on exciting projects and helping businesses succeed.

What I Can Do

Operational Stack

Here are the technologies I frequently use:

Typically, my servers run the following:


I manage several virtual private servers for personal and work projects, ensuring cost-effective hardware configurations.

My server management responsibilities include domain and SSL certificate renewals, software updates, security patches, log monitoring, and regular backups of databases and images.

While I can work with cloud environments, such as Amazon and Google, I find maintaining my own setup more straightforward and affordable.


For development and engineering, my standard hourly rate is 50€, and my daily rate is 350€. However, I am flexible with rates based on project urgencies, long-term collaborations, open-source initiatives, and unique projects.

Regarding hosting on my servers, the pricing ranges between 200€ and 1000€ per year, depending on resource requirements and expected traffic.


I enjoy working collaboratively and have had the privilege of partnering with various individuals and companies, including:

Open Source Contributions

Contributing to the open-source community is important to me. Here are some of my notable contributions: